These are 3 areas that are commonly treated together although don’t need to be. Lines are created in these areas due to consistent muscle contraction and can create a tired and stressed look. Anti wrinkle injections can be used to both soften and improve their appearance but also prevent them from progressing and worsening.

Please note that the frontalis/forehead lines cannot be treated alone and require the frown lines to be treated also, otherwise you risk eyebrow drooping. This is charged as two areas.

Procedure Time

30 mins

Back to work


On set of results

10-14 days

Duration of action

3 months

Risks and complications

Possible bruising, muscle weakness to the injected area, eyebrow drooping

Anaesthetic and numbing

Numbing cream optional

Price 1ml

£150 one area, £50 for each additional area (All 3 areas £250)

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