Fat Dissolving Injections

Deso body and Deso face is a fat dissolving injection suitable for all stubborn areas of fat. This treatment is PERMANENT, when teamed with a healthy diet/lifestyle.

The active ingredient is Deoxycholate. This is already present in our bodies in the bile duct, which is instrumental in the break down of food products and is perfectly safe.

It’s mode of action is to break down the outer shell which encases all fatty cells, adipocytes. This then allows the body direct access to the fat cells, so can break them down and filter them out of the body through the lymphatic drainage system.

This begins happening within 5 days of the first treatment, however results won’t be noticeable for at least 3-4 weeks as localised swelling, bruising and numbness in the area can be present for up to 2-3 weeks post treatment. The area can look worse before It gets better!

It’s is usual for most clients to need 2-3 sessions to complete the treatment fully, this is determined on an individual basis and will be discussed and assessed at each appointment. All appointments will be done NO SOONER than 6-8 weeks apart!

The procedure is relatively pain free and does require strict after care protocol to achieve optimum results; to include the use of compression garments up to two weeks for the area treated.

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