Cinderella Saline Lips

Cinderella Lips are the same general procedure and concept at dermal fillers, the main difference being they only last for a few hours. Sterile aline is injected into the lips instead of dermal filler. Saline, again is totally safe and is basically just salt water. It is a good way to determine if you want to commit to Dermal Filler for the 6-12 month time frame.

Cinderella lips will last 8-12 hours.

Group bookings are a fun addition to any night out! Visits would be held at one address an hour or two before the group goes out. Host will be free with 4 or more paying friends!

“What can I say? Holly is a great practitioner. She has turned up on time every time I have seen her, She has a very friendly disposition, very easy going and will go out of her way to help”.

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