This is the deep crease that runs from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. This is an area that can worsen with age. Fat loss in the cheeks results in a reduction of skin volume, in turn making this fold look even deeper. Smiling, sleeping on a certain side or having a big smile can result in these creases becoming permanent.

Dermal filler in this area and possibly the cheeks can restore the loss of volume, therefore softening the appearance of the creases. The final result aiming to smooth, refresh and restore the appearance. Please be aware however, that this area may require 2-3 visits to reach the full desired effect due to the amount of layers of the skins dermis. Once the final desired result is achieved it will last 6-12 months with only top ups required after this time.

Procedure Time

30 mins

Back to work


On set of results


Duration of action

6-12 months

Risks and complications

Possible bruising and swelling resolves in 24-48 hours

Anaesthetic and numbing

Numbing cream and Lidocaine mixed Filler

Price 1ml

£200 new clients

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